Dieselpartikelfilter Flame

Another system is the DPF Flame. This is particularly useful at very low exhaust temperatures below 220°C. Thanks to a special burner system, the exhaust temperature can be increased to up to 350°C while the engine is idling or under partial-load. This makes it possible to regenerate the filter continuously (CRT) while reducing carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon pollutants at the same time. In engines with a displacement of less than 6 liters, the DPF Flame system raises the exhaust temperature while idling to over 600°C. That makes it possible to regenerate the particulate filter in about 20 minutes.


Specially designed for extremely low exhaust temperatures below 220°C. The DPF Flame system is used in, among other things, aerial work platforms, telescopic forklifts and forklift trucks in 3-shift operation with engines of more than 6 liters.

  • Gabelstapler
  • NFZ
At a glance

  • Suitable for especially low exhaust temperatures
  • Permanent regeneration while in operation
  • No secondary emissions
  • Permanently low back-flow pressure
  • Can be installed horizontally
  • Independent of external energy sources
  • Low fuel consumption during regeneration
  • Built-in data logger for ongoing visual and acoustic monitoring of function