Dieselpartikelfilter BAB

Efficient exhaust aftertreatment systems are in high demand in the on-road and off-road sectors. The TwintecBaumot Group offers economical, durable and future-proof solutions suitable for everyday use in both original equipment and retrofit applications.

The DPF BAB system, for instance, is used in the off-road sector for earth movers, mobile excavators and crawler excavators. This system is based on a catalytic-coated cordierite monolith in combination with another coated diesel oxidation catalyst – “DOC” for short – upstream of it. The DOC’s task is to raise the concentration of NO2 molecules to the point that particulates are oxidized even at average exhaust temperatures of just 220°C. The increased number of NO2 molecules is then reduced again in the coated monolith.


Specialized for low exhaust temperatures. For anyone seeking diesel particulate filters for applications where the exhaust temperatures tend to be especially low, the DPF BAB system is exactly what you need. The filter can operate at temperatures as low as 220°C.

  • LKW
  • BUS
  • NFZ
At a glance

    • VERT and TÜV certification, approved to EST standards in Britain, RDW in The Netherlands and DTI in Denmark
    • Reduction in particulate emissions by more than 99%
    • Elimination of hydrocarbons by 87%
    • Reduction in carbon monoxide by more than 99%
    • Low-maintenance, completely passive system with inherent regeneration capacity
    • Additional or electric heating not required
    • Casing made entirely of rustproof, extra-strong stainless steel capable of withstanding high temperatures
    • Long lifetime thanks to the heavy-duty design of the filter
    • Simple installation (replacing existing silencers)
    • Permanent recording and monitoring of the filter’s functioning via data logger.