The 360° Clean Air Company

Baumot Group is a leading supplier in the area of exhaust gas aftertreatment. In that context, BG offers its customers first class Research & Develelopment and Testing & Validation Services for clean air solutions.

TBG applies those products and services across a wide range of industries in the business fields OEM (original equipment), retrofitting and aftermarket (repair, spare parts).

In so doing, it covers the entire value creation chain for the exhaust gas aftertreatment sector. The market segments include, in particular, on-road (e.g. cars, trucks and other commercial vehicles), off-road (e.g. construction machinery, agricultural machinery or stationary plant) and miscellaneous applications such as maritime.

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Baumot Group
OEM Commercial Vehicles

  • Agricultural machinery manufacturer
  • Construction equipment manufacturers
  • Transition from Stage III to Stage IV/V
Capital goods
Retrofit Bus & Coach

  • City bus fleets
  • Intercity bus fleets
  • Products for speciality retrofitters (GenSets, Marine, Agricultural machinery)
Baumot Group
Niche markets
OEM 1st Fit Small Series

  • Special Vehicles
  • Small-volume manufacturers
  • Exotics
  • Bridging technology
Retrofit PKW „Blue Sticker“

  • Retrofit for EURO IV & V (Passenger Cars, Light Duty & Medium Duty)
  • Potential: OEM Solutions


With around 80 employees in all, the Baumot Group comprises Baumot Group AG as a publicly traded technology holding company, as well as three subsidiaries. Each of the subsidiaries has different areas of expertise in specific business fields and industries.

This way, the Baumot Group not only meets the specific requirements of the target industries but also covers a variety of solutions in the field of exhaust aftertreatment and engine developement.

Baumot Group AG (Holding)

Research & Development

Baumot Technologie GmbH

  • Development and application of innovative emission aftertreatment systems
  • Simulation, Application and Testing


Baumot AG

  • Emission aftertreatment systems for Retrofit & Aftermarket, International

Twintec Technologie GmbH

  • Emission aftertreatment systems for Retrofit & Aftermarket, Germany

Customer Service

Baumot AG

  • Training and maintenance for OE, retrofit & aftermarket, International

Twintec Technologie GmbH

  • Training and maintenance for OE, retrofit & aftermarket, Germany

Baumot AG
Kontec GmbH
Baumot Group AG

Baumot Technologie GmbH

Die Baumot Technologie GmbH ist in der Lage innovatives Produktengineering für die Märkte im On- & Off-Road, Marine- und Sonderfahrzeugbereich anzubieten.

In den genannten Geschäftsfeldern entwickelt die Baumot Technologie GmbH neue Abgasnachbehandlungssysteme und optimiert bereits ausgeführte Systeme durch geeignete Applikationslösungen. Von der Idee, Konzeptionierung über Erprobung auf dem Prüfstand bis zum Prototypen, Nullserie und Kleinserie.

At a Glance
  • OEM engineering
  • Exhaust aftertreatment systems development and testing
  • Real Drive Emission Testing
  • Field engineering / service
  • Development & Application of BNOx System

Twintec Technologie GmbH

Twintec Technologie GmbH is positioned as a specialist for emissions technology and associated services, offering its customers innovative solutions for the reduction of exhaust gas emissions. The development activities of the company are concentrated in Dortmund-Witten, Germany. Expertise in diesel engine and drive technology gained over the course of more than 20 years enables Twintec Technologie to develop products that deliver impressive quality and efficiency.

Baumot AG

Baumot AG is one of the leading suppliers of SCR systems and active and passive particulate filters for retrofitting into existing registered vehicles. Established more than 25 years ago, Baumot has used its many years of activity in the areas of drive technology and diesel engine overhaul to develop its core competence in application management for innovative exhaust gas after-treatment systems. With sales and service partners in 18 countries on 3 continents, Baumot is your partner when it comes to advanced, reliable and economical solutions to reduce exhaust gas emissions.

At a Glance
  • Broad product portfolio for retrofitting and aftermarket
  • Service and cleaning
  • Distributors in Europe and China
  • More than 250,000 vehicles retrofitted
  • OEM quality standard
  • Sales and service partners in 18 countries
  • Distribution of BNOx System