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The new Euro Stage III B, US EPA Tier 4 interim and Stage V emissions regulations went into force in 2011. They impose dramatically tighter emissions limits for mobile machinery and tractors. The large category of diesel-powered mobile machinery also includes, among other things, construction machinery such as excavators, road rollers and rotary cultivators.

In construction project tenders, environmental criteria are having an ever greater impact on contract award decisions. Competitive advantages are already becoming apparent for companies that use construction machinery equipped with state-of-the-art exhaust technology. Many major projects already require the use of particulate filters on the machinery.

The right technology for each construction machine – the company’s own expertise makes it possible to create a product portfolio that can provide customized solutions, especially also for small-series production runs and special original equipment applications. For optimal exhaust aftertreatment under all operating and temperature conditions.




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DPF-Flame Retrofit System (under 220°C exhaust gas temp.)Show
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