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For an extremely wide range of vehicles and the broad spectrum of possible applications and operating conditions, TwintecBaumot offers just the right filter technologies. For retrofitting the full range, from light commercial vehicles under 3.5t to medium-sized commercial vehicles between 3.5t to 12t, all the way to heavy-duty commercial vehicles over 12t.

Exhaust temperature is the key to selecting the right filter system.

Vehicles with high loading and ones that operate along stretches of interurban roads and highways generally have higher exhaust temperatures than vehicles used without loads primarily or exclusively in towns. The higher the exhaust temperatures, the easier it is to regenerate the particulates collected in the filter element.

To satisfy those different conditions, the TwintecBaumot product range includes various filter technologies such as partial flow and wall flow filters with passive and active regeneration.

With heavy-duty commercial vehicles over 12t used primarily in interurban traffic on toll roads, owners find retrofitting particulate filters especially beneficial: they pay lower toll charges.




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