Dieselpartikelfilter BAH

The stationary equipment segment places special demands on exhaust aftertreatment systems. The TwintecBaumot Group offers economical and future-proof solutions suitable for everyday use in both original equipment and retrofit applications.

The DPF BAH system, for example, with optional heating coil, can be used in diesel-driven generators and emergency power units even at extremely low exhaust temperatures. The integrated modular heating coil with monitoring unit continuously measures the loading of the particulate filter. Once the limit value is reached, it automatically starts the heating cycle. In so doing, it is raised to the required temperature during machine operation. Every certified DPF system from TwintecBaumot can be equipped with the heating coil module rapidly and simply.


Specially designed for extremely low exhaust temperatures below 220°C. Particularly well-suited for stationary equipment such as generators and emergency power units.

At a glance

  • funktioniert bei niedrigsten Abgastemperaturen
  • permanente Regeneration während des Betriebs
  • geringer Kraftstoffverbrauch
  • niedriger Abgasgegendruck
  • keine Sekundäremissionen
  • integrierter Datenlogger, Datenanalyse mittels GPS möglich
  • besonders geeignet für Notstromaggregate und Generatoren